Give Your Bathroom A Spring Refresh With Custom Bathroom Cabinets

When was the last time you thought about your bathroom cabinets or really paid much attention to them? While bathroom cabinetry may not get a lot of attention, it can make a big difference in the aesthetic value of your bathroom. Replacing your existing bathroom cabinets with custom-made cabinets is a great way to refresh your bathroom for spring and make it more practical for your family's use. 

Beware of monochrome monotony

If your bathroom cabinets are white and the rest of the room is white, your bathroom may look washed out. While monochromatic color schemes grew in popularity over the years, color is making a comeback. One of the easiest ways to bring life back to your bathroom is to choose custom cabinets in a dark wood to contrast with light walls and floor tile.

Woods with a darker stain or wood cabinets painted in a dark color, such as navy blue or rich brown, can add drama to the room. Pairing black custom cabinets with white walls will make your bathroom look sophisticated and elegant.

Measurements matter

The problem with stock cabinets is they are not the best fit for every bathroom. Having your bathroom cabinets custom-made gives you full control of the fit. Great bathroom cabinets allow you plenty of space to move around and never take up more room than necessary. 

Reduce bathroom clutter

If you look around your bathroom and see bottles, hair dryers, and other items scattered on the vanity, your bathroom probably lacks ample storage space. Having customized compartments added to your cabinets is a big help in making them practical. You can add a special compartment for each family member to store their essential items if desired.

Finishing touches that make a difference

Lighted, pullout, and floating shelves are all elements you can have added to custom cabinets to give them the perfect finishing touch. Floor-to-ceiling custom cabinets give you plenty of room to store bathroom linens. Locking drawers and locking cabinets are a great addition for storing items you need to keep out of the hands of small children.

If you are looking to brighten up your bathroom, starting with the cabinets is a good choice. The right bathroom cabinets can transform the look of your bathroom and make it work better for you. Great bathroom cabinets provide both aesthetic value and provide plenty of space for the storage of essential bathroom items.

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