How To Install Glass Shower Door Kits

A glass shower door is going to look more stylish and be more functional than a shower with a precast fiberglass basin. It is a great upgrade that will definitely add class to your entire bathroom. Best of all, you can invest in easy to install kits that make it easy to do the work yourself, and save even more money on the project. This article explains how to install prefabricated glass shower door kits.

What Comes With the Kit and What Else You Need

Most glass shower door kits come with all of the pieces and hardware you need for the installation. For instance, there will be two jambs, a bottom track, a top track, the glass doors, decorative hardware, and the installation screws. In addition to the provided supplies, you will also need a power drill, level, silicone caulk that matched the track color (or clear), and a studfinder. The side pieces don't need to be cut because they are the exact height of the glass doors. However, the top and bottom rails might both need to be cut. Most shower door kits have aluminum rails, so they are very easy to cut with a handheld saw.

How to Install The Kits

First, you need to install the jambs. This is the most important, and hardest part of the project. The jambs need to be level, and securely attached to the wall. If possible, you should try to sink the screws into studs. If there are no studs in line with the jamb line, you will need to use drywall anchors. Once the jambs are secure you want to attach the top piece, which simply clicks into the top of the jambs if it is cut to the right length.

The bottom track will also need to be cut to length. It usually has an adhesive bottom. So, you can basically stick it on to your bathtub basin like a sticker. You don't need to use any screws to secure it. However, once you attach the bottom piece, you want to use the clear silicone caulk to seal the edges.

Your kit will come with step by step instructions that might slightly vary from product to product, but this should help you determine whether or not is a project you can undertake yourself. To many, the hardest part of the entire job is lifting and handling the glass. You need to be very careful with the glass and make sure you don't damage anything. For more information, contact companies like Hess Homes.