How To Maximize The Benefits Of A Renovation Project

Anyone renovating a house wants to maximize the benefits of the project. While finding a stellar renovation company for the job is a great first step, there's more to it than getting help. To get the most from a remodel, do the following.

Determine the Goals

Every renovation project is different because every remodel has different goals. There is a notable difference between renovating a house for sale versus doing it to improve the home's efficiency, for example. One will focus on bang-for-the-buck items like kitchen countertops and bathroom showers. The other will focus the project more on utility systems and insulation.


Know your budget for the project before you even call a renovation contractor for an estimate. Budgeting helps you determine which companies are good fits for the project. It also will help you narrow in on your priorities as you start seeing what does or doesn't fit the budget.

Try to figure out what your financing for the renovation work will be. Look at available cash. Talk with lenders about loan availability, too. Also, try to maintain a buffer in case the renovation company encounters unexpected issues. If they rip out the bathroom sink and find significant water damage from an undiagnosed leak, you want to have extra money to fix it.

Seek Inspiration

Look at magazines, social media feeds, websites, and even your neighborhood. Collect images of the renovations that appeal to you. Look for commonalities among the appealing ones, too. You might find that a specific style like modernism or Mediterranean hits the mark. Build on that impression by exploring the style generally to see if more features excite you.

Once you've nailed down your inspiration for the project, talk with a renovation contractor about your ideas. They can help you refine the project to fit your house.

Check Regulations

Typically, municipalities allow renovations to proceed without permits as long as the work doesn't change the footprint or open a large hole in the exterior. Some HOAs may be tighter. They may even have limitations to the changes, especially exterior ones. Find out what the rules are where you live so you can comply with them throughout the process.

Research Contractors

Look at the reviews and references for contractors. Examine their portfolios, too. Talk with people who've seen them work so you can get a sense of what their process is and if it suits you.  

For more info, contact local renovation contractors