Do You Have An L-Shaped Cooking Area? 4 Remodeling Ideas To Improve It

Updating a kitchen is a capital-intensive activity, and many people shy away from it because of the cost. Further, most remodeling projects involve reorganizing and repositioning plumbing fixtures. That said, the original design of your cooking area will determine the amount and nature of redesigning to be done. More so, an L-shaped cooking area is one of the popular designs in home remodeling. Here are four ways you can improve this layout as you remodel it.

Create a Suitable Work Triangle

The concept of a work triangle has worked for many years. Note that the main three components are the stove, the refrigerator, and the sink. More so, this layout is still practical for the vast majority of house owners. So, if you give some thought to your typical kitchen routine, you may want to set up a work triangle that is optimal for your needs. Some people, for instance, rely heavily on their stove top and microwave, saving their ovens for special occasions. Therefore, they have an island for more prep space, a fridge, a distinctive range top, and a microwave. In this case, the ranges stay around the edges. Ultimately, your appliances will determine how you optimize your triangle.

Create Additional Space

The presence of space above cabinets is a common feature with L-shaped designs. However, the area may be limited in an L-shape if you cannot include an island in the plan. On the other hand, you can maximize storage space by extending the cabinets to the ceiling, which also helps minimize dust accumulation.

Install a Peninsula

An L-shaped cooking area will become more of a U-shape after you install a peninsula. Note that adding even a small one to the end of a counter in a smaller cooking area of the same design can increase the space available for food preparation, storage, and sitting. That said, a common way for homeowners to achieve this is by destroying an inside wall. The good news is that a peninsula improves any cooking area's functionality and social potential. Further, it makes your work easier and minimizes collision when many people are cooking.

Reorganizing the Shelving

Looking at two walls full of cabinets in a large kitchen is a visual overload. Alternatively, you may want to go for some open shelving for variety. Furthermore, you can achieve an improved design with an open concept on either side of the sink, in blind corners, or next to the entrance wall.

These are simple ideas to incorporate in your L-shaped kitchen to improve it. For more information on kitchen remodeling, contact a company like Premier CCM Inc.