Do These Things Before The Home Remodeling Comes To Renovate Your Kitchen

Remodeling your kitchen is fantastic, but the time during the renovations can be really frustrating. How are you supposed to cook food, wash dishes, and take care of all your other typical kitchen tasks?

Thankfully, you can prepare a few things ahead of the kitchen remodeling project to lower your frustrations and make life a lot easier for your family.

Here are some places to start:

Use Up Foods in Your Pantry

Since you must pack up everything in your kitchen before the home remodeling company arrives, start using up everything you can today. Many households have kitchen pantries with many opened packages and orphaned cans. You paid for all that food, so you might as well eat it instead of moving it around and storing it.

You will invariably eat a lot of fast food and restaurant meals during the renovations, so take advantage of the time before to make some home-cooked meals and clean out the pantry simultaneously. It will save you money on eating out, make packing more manageable, and ensure you aren't tired of restaurant food before your kitchen becomes temporarily unusable.

Sort Through One Drawer or Cupboard Each Day

Sorting everything and packing in one day is a tremendous job. Save yourself the frustration and do the project in small chunks of time. 

Before starting your kitchen remodel, go through one or two drawers or cabinets daily. Toss the junk, put donation items into a box in your car's trunk, and pack up anything you won't use before the demolition starts.

By giving yourself plenty of time to sort and pack things, you can toss a little bit of junk in your trash can each week instead of potentially needing to rent a dumpster. In addition, you have ample time to think about the items you want to bring back into your newly renovated space. If there's no place for it in your new kitchen, toss it or donate it. Only bring the items you love and use into your new kitchen. 

Set Up a Coffee and Microwave Station Outside the Renovation Area

Although your family will be fine temporarily without a kitchen, it will be much more tolerable if you set up a small kitchen station to make coffee, microwave, and prepare simple foods. If you have a sink in your garage, this is an excellent place for your temporary kitchen because it allows easy access to water for washing dishes and making coffee.

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