Indicators You Need To Replace Your Kitchen Cabinets

If your wood kitchen cabinets have seen better days, you'll need to replace them. As you know, worn-out cabinets can make your kitchen look ugly. So, if you no longer like your kitchen cabinets, you should invest in new ones. But when is the right moment to replace your cabinets? Well, you should replace them immediately after you spot these warning signs.

The Cabinets Look Old

Aging cabinets will obviously stick out like a sore thumb. And even if you repaint or restain them, you'll have to replace them sooner than later. Besides, old cabinets will make the entire kitchen look dated. So, if you have had your cabinets for more than a decade, you should swap them out with modern cabinets. 

The Cabinets Smell Bad

You may want to replace the cabinets if they are emitting a putrid odor. If you have tried to get rid of the stench with no success, you should replace your entire cabinetry. In most cases, cabinets will smell bad due to decaying food particles, mold, and pests. And as you know, most pests will leave waste in your cupboards. So, the presence of pests may be the reason why your cabinets always smell bad.

Besides, if your kitchen is always humid, there is a high likelihood of mood growing in the cabinets. And as you know, mold will produce a horrid stench and ruin your wood cabinets.

You Want a New Layout

Assuming you want to remodel your kitchen, will you stick with the old cabinet layout? Well, most people will want to change the layout. But will you still use the old cabinets when you change the layout? You can use them, but you'll get better results if you purchase new cabinets. So, don't be tempted to put new doors or drawer fronts if you want to change the layout of your kitchen cabinets.

Visible Water Damage

Water damage is yet another reason you may want to swap your cabinets. You can quickly tell that your kitchen cabinets have sustained water damage if they have dark color spots and the doors aren't closing properly. Other signs of water damage include:

  • The wood is warping
  • The exterior is de-laminating
  • There is the bubbling of paint on the exteriors and interiors
  • Presence of mold
  • The wood is changing color

But before you install the new cabinets, you may want to address the water problem. Otherwise, your new wood cabinets will suffer the same fate.

Other reasons you may want to replace the cabinets are:

  • Your cabinets are functioning poorly
  • Rusty hardware
  • Scratches and dents
  • You want more storage space

For more information, contact a kitchen renovation service near you.