5 Reasons To Opt For A Multi-level Backyard Deck

A beautiful back deck adds value, enjoyment, and interest to your yard. But should you turn your single-level deck into a multi-level deck? The answer may be yes if it could help in any of these common areas.

1. When the Ground Is Uneven

Non-level ground is a challenge for many property owners. Obstacles in their yard may range from large rocks to grades and hills to barriers against erosion. If your obstacle is in the way of a deck low to the ground, go over it. You may find that this not only enables you to build a larger deck but it also saves time and money. 

2. When the View Is Better Above

Homeowners with two or more stories to their home enjoy a variety of views not always available to single-story homes. Perhaps your neighbors' houses, your barn, or surrounding trees block the best view from the ground level. It's okay to build the deck upward to take advantage of the best your lot has to offer. 

3. To Maximize a Small Yard

Limited size lots must make the best of every inch. And just like you might build a two-story home to keep the overall footprint compact while expanding interior space, building upward with a deck can maximize your space. 

4. To Make Things Interesting

Is the rear exterior of the home not very interesting? This can happen, in particular, with multi-story homes whose best features are on the street side. Ground-level landscaping or deck work doesn't always solve a boring façade because it leaves a large empty canvas above. And you can't plant trees too close to the house. Add visual interest by designing a custom deck with height and fun surprises. 

5. To Create a Few Barriers

One sprawling deck can be a good place for entertaining when everyone is engaged in the same activity. But if you use your outdoor space in different ways — especially at the same time — you need more separation of elements. With a multilevel deck, you can have a dinner party upstairs while the kids play downstairs. Or create a gardening area that's visually separate from where you entertain guests. 

Where to Start

Could your backyard be even better with a deck design that embraces any of these benefits? If so, start by meeting with a qualified custom deck contractor in your area. With their expertise and your vision, you'll soon have a deck that's perfect for everything your family wants to do outdoors. For more information on custom decks, contact a professional near you.