3 Reasons To Consider Bathtub Resurfacing

During a bathroom remodel, there are many decisions to make, including what to do with your bathroom fixtures. While switching out a toilet or a sink may be the right decision, it can be challenging to decide what to do with larger fixtures like your bathtub. Moving a bathtub or ripping it out and installing a shower can quickly get expensive. If you are happy with your bathtub but it is showing some wear and tear, resurfacing it may be your best bet. Here are three reasons to consider bathtub resurfacing.

You Can Leave It In The Same Location

Moving or replacing a bathtub requires more work than you may anticipate. Any significant changes to your bathtub mean additional plumbing work and more time spent on the remodel. Moving plumbing also gets pricey. When you resurface your bathtub, you won't have to do any additional plumbing work since you can leave it in its current location. If you are happy with the location of your bathtub, resurfacing is an excellent option. 

It's Affordable

Another reason to consider bathtub refinishing is its affordability. Resurfacing a bathtub costs less than replacing it with a new bathtub or installing a walk-in shower. So if you are on a tight budget, bathtub resurfacing is an excellent way to save money during your remodel. On average, bathtub refinishing costs around $550, but what you pay will vary depending on the finish you select. You will also want to hire a professional to do the work. While you can tackle refinishing on your own, you'll see the best results when you hire a professional. 

It's Quick

Replacing your bathtub is something that can take time, especially if a lot of plumbing work is necessary. Another reason to consider bathtub refinishing is how quick it is compared to replacement. Resurfacing a bathtub only takes a day, and it will be ready to use as soon as the new glaze dries. So, if you are looking for a quick way to give your bathtub a makeover, resurfacing is an excellent option that won't make a big dent in your remodeling timeline. 

If your bathtub needs a facelift, resurfacing is an excellent option. There are a few reasons to consider resurfacing over replacement. First, you can leave your bathtub in place, and no plumbing work will be necessary when you resurface your bathtub. Second, bathtub refinishing is less expensive than replacement. Finally, resurfacing is also quick, making it an excellent option if you have a tight timeline. 

For more information on bathtub resurfacing, contact a company near you.