Five Practical Features That Will Make Your New Kitchen Feel High-End

Creating a luxurious, high-end kitchen isn't all about exotic countertop materials and trendy lighting designs. It's also about the small touches that are entirely practical — making your kitchen a joy to use and putting everything you need at your fingertips. To help you choose the right small touches, here are five practical elements that could also take your kitchen to the next level of luxury. 

1. Refrigerated Drawer. These convenient cooling stations serve many different purposes, from keeping ingredients chilled while you cook to providing cold snacks for the kids at their own level. They could be refrigerator overflow for big events or even a chilling space for white wine during cocktail parties. However you use one, you might wonder how you ever got along without one. 

2. Functional Island. An island is a perennially popular kitchen addition. But make sure you craft an island that will earn its place as the center of your cooking world. Use the island for more than just its countertop and storage space. Add a second sink, wine cooler, guest seating, a charging station, or warming drawers. Tailor it to what you value. 

3. Walk-In Pantry. Every kitchen needs pantry storage of some kind, but don't stop at simply functional. A high-end walk-in pantry will help keep you organized, can store small appliances and china, comes with additional lighting, and can even host a mini-fridge or a second microwave for overflow use. 

4. Pot Filler. A pot filler is a simple concept. It's an additional water faucet usually placed over the cooktop. But this placement is magical for many cooks, as it allows them to fill pots with water right on the range. No more lugging heavy pots around and no more spills trying to fill them from lower faucets. 

5. Smart Accessories. What kitchen technology could help you work smarter — not harder — in the kitchen? It could be refrigerators that let you see remotely, smart garbage bins that track what you're out of, heated floors you can turn on with your coffee maker, or the ability to keep an eye on the kids while working. Whatever your preference, use technology to make everything easier and faster. 

Ready to start adding these or other practical but luxurious elements to your new kitchen? Start by meeting with a renovation contractor who specializes in high-end kitchens in your area today, one like Marcela Montoya Remodeling. No matter which you choose, the result will be a space you love to come home to.