Trending Kitchen Remodel Ideas

If you've outgrown your current kitchen design, you should consider kitchen remodeling. The process changes the design of your kitchen, giving it a new and improved look. While there are various kitchen remodeling styles, you should choose custom kitchen remodels. You get to design your kitchen exactly how you want it and achieve an authentic design. Here are some trending kitchen remodeling ideas to get you started.

Technology Integrated or Smart kitchens

Technology in today's kitchens isn't only in the form of advanced appliances. Kitchen remodel contractors integrate technology into the kitchen's functionality as well. For instance, you can choose motion sensor faucets that detect the presence of your hands and release water. When you move your hands away, the faucets close. Additionally, you can incorporate smart lighting in the kitchen. You can control the smart lighting system on devices such as your smartphone.

Colored Kitchens

While an all-white colored kitchen gives a classic look, colored kitchens are becoming popular. You can break the white color with other paint colors or wood staining. You can choose any color you like that blends with your home's theme. Bright colors brighten your kitchen, while dark hues make your kitchen appear calm. Your kitchen remodel contractor can help you select the perfect colors for your kitchen.

Hidden Appliances Design

Most kitchen designs are such that the kitchen appliances remain visible, which makes the kitchen attractive. However, hidden appliance cabinetry is becoming popular. You can have your refrigerator or microwave encased in the cabinets, bringing out a sophisticated and neat look. If you want to access the appliances, you open the cabinets and close them when you're done using the appliances. This design requires that you choose excellent cabinet designs with fine details and patterns.

Quartz Countertops

If you're changing the layout of your counters, you should also consider replacing marble or wood counters with quartz countertops. Quartz is durable as the material is heat and stain-resistant. Also, the material isn't porous, which prevents rotting. You can also achieve color uniformity or contrast in your kitchen by choosing quartz counters. Most importantly, quartz counters are easy to maintain due to low repair or replacement requirements.

Ceramic Flooring

Hardwood flooring is usually a favorite for many homeowners due to its durability and attractiveness. However, ceramic tile flooring is an excellent alternative as it's easier to maintain. Also, ceramic is versatile and can resemble other floors such as wood or natural stone.

Ceramic flooring, quartz countertops, colored kitchens, and hidden appliances are the top trending kitchen remodeling ideas. Consider these styles for all your custom kitchen remodels. For more information, contact a service such as Kirby Construction Company.