It's Time To Get Creative With Home Makeovers: Bathroom Remodeling Ideas That Have Personality And Style

When remodeling a bathroom, you may think about picking out tiles, fixtures, or cabinetry. While these do play an important role in your bathroom remodel project, it's important to focus on the personality you want your bathroom to have. Does it need extra storage space or a larger shower? Can issues with the plumbing be fixed? What about cabinets and tile? The right ideas on how to update a bathroom can be what turns an average bedroom into something spectacular. Here are a few design ideas to help you get started with your remodeling project:

Value of Space

The bathroom is an area of the home where space is valuable, but it is also very limited. Thus, creative storage and design solutions are crucial to getting the most out of your remodeling project. This can start with a walk-in shower design, which can have areas to store things. For the vanity, it can make the most of space with recessed storage and a medicine cabinet behind your bathroom mirror.

Saving Water

You also want to be able to save water with your new bathroom design. You might be wondering what this has to do with creative designs. It has to do with the fixtures you choose, such as a toilet that uses less water when flushed or a showerhead that is designed to help make your bathroom more efficient. Today, there are options like large showerheads and faucets that add unique design details to the bathroom and help you achieve the goal of saving more water with your remodeling project.

 The Importance of Lighting

The lighting in your new bathroom design is another important aspect to consider. Often, older bathrooms lack natural light. So, you might want to discuss options with your remodeler about bringing natural light into this space. This can be done by adding windows or skylights if the space is not on an exterior wall. You can even use glass features that bring light in from other areas of your home that might get plenty of natural light.

Relaxing Colors

Colors are the foundation of design and must be incorporated throughout your bathroom. When placed in the right combination, colors can influence moods. Certain colors can be more relaxing, and this can be incorporated into your bathroom design. The relaxing color combinations can be incorporated into features like tile finishes in the shower or custom designs for floor and wall finishes. There are limitless options to incorporate relaxing colors into the new design for your bathroom.

Whether you are looking for bathroom remodeling ideas for your master suite or want to add a half-bath for guests, creativity will make the design more unique. Contact a bathroom remodeling contractor to get started planning these ideas for the new design.