Your Guide To Kitchen Remodeling Finishes To Give Your Renovations A Custom Design

If you are going to renovate your kitchen, the options for the finishes are big decisions you have to make. These can be the finishes for cabinets, walls, and appliances when you remodel your kitchen. You may want these finishes to be modern and trendy. The following kitchen remodeling guide will help you create the look you want when renovating your home:

Trendy Cabinet Designs

The cabinets are some of the first areas where you want to choose finishes for your kitchen design. Some of the trendy cabinet designs that you may want to consider for your kitchen remodeling project include painted finishes and synthetic materials. You may also want to consider a distressed finish if you are using wood cabinets. There are also options for alternative materials like polished metal cabinets.

Facing to Improve Appliances

Modern technology has changed, and you may want to replace appliances when remodeling your kitchen. One of the options you may want to consider is facing the exposed sides of appliances. The facing can be wood that matches cabinets, polished metal, or custom colors. This can be custom models with the finishes you are looking for or talk to your remodeling service about changing the facing. If needed, appliances can be taken to specialized shops to have the finishes done.

Stone Beyond Countertop Surfaces

The modern kitchen design trends often include solid surfaces like stone countertops. The stone finishes in your kitchen design can go beyond the countertops to give your kitchen a unique look. The stone features can start with the backsplash. Instead of a small tile backsplash, solid slabs of stone can be used to finish the back of countertops. You can also use stone for other features and finishes in your kitchen design. These stone finishes can be used for things like columns or architectural niches.

Flooring Options to Complete Your Kitchen

The flooring is another area where you don't want to overlook when remodeling your kitchen. There are more options for the look of your flooring than ever before. At one point, it was unthinkable to install wood floors in your kitchen. Today, options like vinyl planks and epoxy coatings make wood floors a great option for kitchen remodeling projects. Other kitchen flooring options include conventional materials like tile and natural stone.  

The finishes of your kitchen remodeling project will change the look of your home. Contact a kitchen remodeling service to discuss these options to complete the design of your renovations.