Contemporary Kitchens With Unique Cabinets That Make Spaces Feel Open

If you are renovating your home with a more modern design, you may want contemporary features. Today, there are a lot of contemporary design features for cabinets. The design of cabinetry can include modern hardware, glass, and open shelving. The following cabinet design ideas will give your kitchen a unique look and modern style.

Take Advantage of Glass in Cabinets

The glass that you add to cabinets can do a lot for a more modern design. The glass can be different than traditional designs to give your kitchen a contemporary look. A few ideas for the glass in your modern kitchen cabinets include:

  • Frosted glass panels in cabinet doors
  • Clear glass doors for higher cabinet units
  • Narrow vertical cabinets with glass doors that open upwards

Using the glass features on upper cabinet units will also help give your kitchen a more open feeling.

Use Colors That Brighten Kitchen Cabinets

Today, wood finishes are not the only choice for the design of kitchen cabinets. Even classic cabinet designs are being painted to change the look of kitchens. Some of the ways you can use the colors of cabinets for your kitchen design include:

  • Contrasting colors for doors and units
  • Dark colors to contrast light colors
  • Glossy finishes with bright colors for cabinets

The contrasting colors help to enhance design features in your kitchen. You can also use artistic patterns or contrasting finishes for other design elements in your renovations.

Contemporary Hardware That Blends In

The hardware you choose for your cabinets is also important. Therefore, you want more contemporary solutions for cabinet hardware, which can include:

  • Spring activated features without hardware
  • Polished metal hardware that is plain for straight lines
  • Hidden hinges and hardware for clean cabinet faces

Using less hardware for cabinets will help create a minimalist design for the kitchen. Spring activated features can help you eliminate the need for hardware in many areas of the cabinets for a more modern look.  

Add Open Shelving to the Modern Cabinet Design

Open shelving can be another great feature for a contemporary kitchen. These shelves can be integrated into the cabinet units, or they can be standalone features. Open shelves work great for a more spacious design. They can also be great additions to the end of cabinet units or to finish the ends of kitchen islands.

If you want a modern and spacious design for your kitchen, contemporary cabinets are the perfect solution. Call a kitchen cabinet service in your area, and talk with them about these modern design ideas for your renovations.