Building A Custom Deck With A Modern Design And The Right Features For Outdoor Spaces

If you want to build a modern deck for your home, custom-built deck designs can provide you with the design you want. Contemporary deck designs can have a mixture of traditional wood materials and modern features like glass and metal railings. The following information will help you add a custom deck to your home with a modern design:

Creating a unique deck layout starting with the structure

The first thing you want to consider when building a custom deck is the layout. There are various options for a custom-built deck, such as different levels, platforms, and shapes. Some of the solutions you may want to consider for your new deck include the following:

  • Platforms that follow terrain elevations
  • Radiuses and geometric deck shapes
  • Custom deck stair designs with landings

These are some of the different layout designs that you can have done with a new custom deck project.

Choosing the best decking materials for your deck surface

After the layout and building the structure, you are going to need to choose the decking materials. Today, there are many more options than old conventional, treated pine materials. The following decking materials are some of the options that you will want to consider for the surface of your new deck:

  • Conventional greenish and reddish pressure-treated pine
  • Natural domestic hardwoods and resistant wood species
  • Composite lumber decking systems for modern designs
  • Modern vinyl decking systems for various deck designs

These are options for the surface of your new deck. If you want more durable natural wood decking, then hardwoods will be the better choice. If you want to use more durable synthetic materials, vinyl and composite lumber products are good choices.

Designing the modern custom deck railing features

Another important feature that you will want to consider for your new deck is the railing. Today, options for modern railing designs include composite, glass, and metal materials. If you want to have a more modern-looking deck design, options like glass, metal, and cable railings are some of the best choices.

Additional features and details that can be added to your deck

There are also additional details that you may want to add to your deck. These details can include features like lighting, posts, and mechanical installations for covered areas. Unique modern details that you may want to add to your deck design include the following:

  • Finished space beneath deck surfaces
  • Contemporary railings with lighting at posts
  • Outdoor mechanicals integrated into the deck design

These are some of the modern features and design details that you may want to add to your new deck's design.

The modern deck design for your home can have traditional and contemporary features that flow smoothly and work with the existing architecture. Contact a custom deck building service and talk to them about these ideas for more modern deck design.