Building Your Own Home? Consider These 3 Upgrades

It can be quite exciting to build your own home, especially since you get to make it exactly how you want it to be. However, if you are new to home construction, you may not know what features you want to put into a home to make it even more perfect than you imagine. This is why you should consider these three upgrades.

Above Garage Storage

Chances are that your garage is going to have a lot of dead space at the top that will be sitting unused. It is worth spending a little bit more money and turning it into a storage space. By having insulated walls and a solid floor to walk on, you'll gain a ton of additional square footage of storage that you otherwise would not have. This can be the perfect place to store seasonal items that you only get out once a year, or to put things you are holding onto and don't need easy access to, like old baby clothes and toys.

Radiant Heat

If you are building a home from scratch, you have the ability to put in whatever kind of HVAC system you desire. You are not required to stick with a traditional forced-air system that uses ductwork if you do not want to. Consider adding a hydronic in-floor radiant heat system for your heating needs. It can be quite a comfortable way to heat your home since hot water would travel through pipes under the floor, causing the heat to radiant upward. Your feet will remain warm when walking on tile flooring, and your head may feel cool because you do not have hot air blowing directly onto you from a vent. You may also find this upgrade to be worth the investment when you see your heating bills reduce compared to the forced air furnace alternative. 

Home Automation

Have you always wanted to have a smart home with things that are automated to make life easier? The best time to do this is during home construction. Since you'll be buying all the supplies, you can pick smart products that are all connected to each other that can work with digital assistance. This includes your lighting, locks, garage door, and even your kitchen. Buy what you want at the time of construction so you do not spend more later making costly upgrades. 

Contact a home construction service for more information.