Granite Fabrication Services For The Finishes In Outdoor Living Spaces

Are you looking for durable luxury finishes for the design of your outdoor living space project? You may want to use materials that can also be used for interior spaces and blend natural spaces into the design of your home. Stone is a great material to use for these projects, and there are a lot of different ways to use granite in outdoor finishes. The following guide to granite fabrication services will help you add the right stone finishes to your outdoor living space design:

Common Countertop Surfaces

The outdoor spaces you are planning for your home may include countertops and food preparation areas. These are areas where solid granite slabs can be fabricated for durable outdoor surfaces. If the countertop services are in open-air spaces without a covering, you will want to ask about having them sealed and polished to protect them from weathering. You can also have matching stone slabs cut to finish the supporting structure that the counters are going to be installed on.

Create a Custom Outdoor Garden Table

Another feature that you may want to consider for your outdoor spaces is a garden table that can be used for dining and entertaining. The table can be custom-made by a granite fabrication service to exact measurements. Building a large table from a solid slab of stone will give you a table that is made specifically for your outdoor space.

Using Granite for Hardscaping Details

The outdoor areas and landscaping will also have hardscaping features like retaining walls, stairs, and planters. There are many ways to finish the hardscaping with granite-finish details. First, you may want to use granite caps to finish the tops of retaining walls or the borders of planters. If you are installing stairs, granite can be used for the risers on the steps, which is the vertical part of a stair. Use another material for the horizontal run of the stairs because granite can be slick and hazardous when it is wet.

Granite Grilling Features for Outdoor Spaces

Cooking features are an important component of outdoor living space designs. In addition to granite countertops, the stone can also be used to finish features like fire pits, custom-designed grills, and other cooking area features that you are planning for your project.

The right stone features will enhance the appearance of outdoor spaces and can easily be integrated into your home's interior design. To start adding stone finishes to your outdoor project, contact a granite fabrication service to start planning the stone features you need.