How To Involve Your Family In A Paint Job

Painting is hard work. But, compared to many other home remodel projects, painting a small bathroom seems easy. Since it doesn't require heavy lifting, dangerous power tools, technical training, or complicated machinery, painting is one home remodel that homeowners are often excited about doing on their own. Bathrooms are great rooms to paint because they need new paint more often than other rooms, and there is less wall space.

Whenever you start a paint job, you usually end up realizing that it is a lot more work than you expected it to be. That is, painting is definitely a better project if you have capable people helping out. That being said, you can even have your children and family to help out in order to speed up the process. This article explains how you can make interior painting more enjoyable and how you can get your family involved, regardless of their painting abilities.


Even people with limited construction or handyman experience can still be very helpful when it comes to painting. The actual procedure of getting paint onto a wall, when using paint rollers, is simple. It can be done by just about anybody.

Painting Edges and Lines

The painting only gets hard when it comes to creating lines and edges around the walls. So, 99% of the wall can be painted very easily with a roller, but it might take just as long to paint the last 1% around the edges. So, one way that you can make this job go quicker is to paint the edges yourself. If somebody who has paintings skills does this part of the job, other people can paint the rest of the wall using rollers. Using rollers is very self explanatory and quick. You can cover an entire bedroom within an hour or two. By doing this, you can involve even the less skilled painters in the job.

Painting Ceilings

The most strenuous and difficult surface to paint are the ceilings. This is something that the more advanced and physically capable workers will need to do. If you have children or novice painters, make sure they only work on the vertical walls.

Help With Prep

You can also have your less skilled helpers assist with the preparation work. Proper prep work should actually speed up your painting process. When your walls and floors are masked off, the painting goes quickly. So, if you have workers who aren't skilled with a paint brush or roller, have them do the prep work.

Letting your family contribute to the project in any capacity can give them a greater sense of pride in the end product.

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