Kitchen Remodel: Maximize Space With These 4 Cabinet Ideas

Families spend a large amount of their time in the kitchen, so it makes sense to want a kitchen that is stylish and functional. When remodeling a kitchen, cabinets are one of the features that you will want to focus on, especially if you are worried about function, storage and convenience. Here are four ideas to help you get started with your remodel design:

Idea #1: Go Up With Your Cabinets

As a general rule, kitchen cabinets will go out. However, when you don't have a lot of wall space in your kitchen, this simply is not feasible. At the same time, you still need plenty of storage space for all of your dishes. The solution is to take your cabinets up to the ceiling. Believe it or not, these are trendy and they are particularly functional. The higher shelves can be used for the dishes that you don't use frequently, such as holiday dishes and China.

Idea #2: Make Use of Those Awkward Nooks and Crannies

If you have an older home, then the kitchen design is probably a bit awkward. This means that your kitchen could have a small corner, nook or angle that makes it hard for standard cabinets to fit correctly. Luckily, you don't have to leave that area completely untouched and nonfunctional. It is possible to use that space for something, such as a desk space, a storage area for cookbooks, or a focal point with shelves for your knick-knacks.

Idea #3: Incorporate a Functional Island

When it comes to kitchens, you can really never have too much storage space and cabinets. If your kitchen has an open floor plan, you should consider incorporating an island. However, any island just won't do. Instead, you need to install an island that has bottom cabinets and drawers with hidden storage and functionality, so that it can be more than just a prep and serving surface in the middle of the kitchen.

Idea #4: Add Pullouts to Corner Cabinets

Depending on the exact layout of your kitchen, there is a good chance that you have corner cabinets. These can be very beneficial, but they can also be particularly frustrating when it comes to organization. Corner cabinets make it hard to reach items in the very back. Luckily, there are ways to make it easier to reach items in these cabinets. One way is to add a pullout, which will not only make items more accessible, but it will also double the storage space inside the cabinet.

If you need help remodeling your kitchen and would like to incorporate any of the aforementioned ideas, contact a kitchen remodeling service in your area, like Kitchen Expo.