Remodeling With Value And Functionality: Top 3 Home Remodeling Projects For Return On Investment

If you have an older home, there are many areas that could use improvements. You may want to invest in outdoor living space for gatherings, updating the kitchen or making tiny bathrooms larger and open. As a homeowner, you want to choose one project to start with, and you probably want to get the most value for the money you are spending. Here are some of the top remodeling projects to add value and functionality to your home:

1. Updates for Outdated Bathrooms That Are Small and Impractical

The bathrooms in your home are private and intimate spaces, which is why they should be the first remodeling project to renovate your home. If your home has no bathroom for the master suite, consider a remodeling project to give your home a master bedroom and bathroom with modern design and features. If you do not have enough bathrooms to meet the needs of your household, an additional half-bath is a good investment. In addition, updated bathrooms are great to add value to your home, as well as allow you to create a private space that is personalized.

2. Give Gathering Space and Kitchens a Makeover with Modern Design

Kitchens are the main gathering places in households, which are often small and impractical in older homes. In your home, the kitchen may be separated from other gathering space like the living room. Make room for a modern kitchen by opening the space up and give it a modern feel. Improvements in kitchens are remodeling projects that pay off in terms of value for your investment. Even budget-friendly renovations like changing appliances, adding countertops and refacing cabinets will add value to your home.

3. Extending Your Home with Outdoor Living Space That You Can Enjoy

The hottest trend in modern design and home renovations is outdoor living space. Extending the space of your home indoors will give you options for things like outdoor kitchens, sunrooms and gathering space for entertaining. If you plan on doing an outdoor addition like a sunroom or covered porch area, consider options to add square footage to your home, such as a second-floor guest or bonus room; the additional space will help improve the value of your home.

These are some of the top remodeling projects to add value and functionality to your old home. Contact a design service to help with the design of a modern bathroom and other renovations that give you the most value for your investment. You can also visit websites like