Reasons To Have A Remodeling Contractor Install Ceiling Fans In Your Basement

If your home has multiple ceiling fans, they're often positioned in the master bedroom, in the living room, and perhaps even in the home's secondary bedrooms. Where you won't commonly find a ceiling fan is in the basement, but that doesn't mean that you can't get one installed in this location. It's a good idea to hire a remodeling contractor who can visit your home, assess your basement, and then decide if one or more ceiling fans are the right move for you. There are several reasons that installing this fixture in this part of your home is a good idea.

Helps To Dry The Basement

Many basements are plagued by being a little musty, especially if water from outside has been able to flow into the basement — perhaps through a small crack in the foundation. The musty smell can linger because it can be a challenge to get the basement completely dry. That's where a ceiling fan can come in. With one or more ceiling fans installed in your basement, they'll have no trouble keeping their air moving. This can help to dry this part of your home, thus eliminating the musty smell. This is especially the case if you keep the fan running around the clock.

Helps To Push Hot Air Upward

In many homes, the basement is the coldest part of the residence — unless it has a fireplace. Many homeowners favor a fireplace in their basement because of its functionality. Since heat rises, a fireplace in this part of the home will not only warm the basement and make it more hospitable for your family, but it will also send heat traveling up through your house. The challenge can be to move that hot air in a timely manner, and that's where a ceiling fan comes in. This is especially the case if your ceiling fan can be installed near the stairs.

Helps To Provide More Light

A ceiling fan isn't just designed to move air. Because this fixture is commonly equipped with one or more lights, it can also be a valuable source of light. Customarily, a basement can be a darker environment than the rest of the home. This is often thanks to small and sporadic windows throughout the basement. If you feel as though your basement isn't as bright and inviting as you'd like, and you're resistant to adding several floor or table lamps throughout the space, a ceiling fan with bright bulbs can be an asset.

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