Consider A Garden Window When Replacing A Window In Your Kitchen

The failure of one of the windows in your home is never a good time, but the silver lining is that you get the opportunity to change the window if you want. If one of your kitchen windows needs to be replaced, you may wish to consider a garden window. This type of window shares some similarities with a bay window, although the former has square sides instead of diagonal sides. Many window retailers sell and install garden windows, so whether you find one that fits or you have one custom built, you'll be able to implement this idea if it suits you. Here are some advantages to a garden window:

It Gives You More Room

A big perk to a garden window is that it has a large ledge built into the bottom of it. This means that you have more space to store items. Generally, homeowners will use this space for placing plants — in many cases, it's ideal to place fresh herbs from which you can take pinches when you're preparing a meal. If you currently have your fresh herbs on the windowsill of your kitchen window, you'll find that replacing the conventional window with a garden window will give you considerably more space for the plants to sit.

It Allows More Light Through

The shape of a garden window is also ideal for allowing more light into your home. The kitchen is often a room in which you want plenty of light, whether you're preparing a meal or your family is rushing around to get ready for work and school. The glass sides of the garden window and the way they jut out means that even if the sun isn't directly in alignment with the main face of the window, its rays can still flow through the glass sides, giving you a brighter kitchen.

It Gives You Greater Vision

When you're a parent and your children are playing outside, you'll often find yourself peeking out the windows to keep an eye on them. With a traditional window, you can see directly in front of the window and a few degrees to each side, depending on how you angle your head. The square shape of a garden window, however, gives you much greater vision. If you lean far enough forward so that your head is just at the edge of the window, you'll be able to see to each side of the window, giving you a good ability to look for your kids.

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