Tips For Those Considering Buying A Stone Bathtub

For those that are currently looking to upgrade their bathtubs, investing in one that is made of stone can be a great option that you may want to consider. In order to adequately evaluate whether this option will be a good fit for your bathroom, you must be mindful of some basic but essential information concerning owning stone bathtubs.

Understand The Full Range Of Benefits That You Can Enjoy From A Stone Bath

A stone bathtub will often be more expensive than other materials, such as vinyl. Not surprisingly, this can lead some people to be tempted to avoid them, but the benefits that these tubs provide can be extremely useful and may outweigh the additional costs. In particular, stone bathtubs will have far longer lifespans than most other materials. Additionally, these tubs will typically not be at risk of staining if they are well maintained. Lastly, these bathtubs will be much more energy efficient as the stone will be dense enough to help retain the heat from your water.

Appreciate The Unique Care Needs Of Stone Bathtubs

While stone bathtubs are extremely durable, they will still require a basic level of care if you are to keep them in good condition. More precisely, you will need to clean the bathtub on a regular basis to remove soap scum and other substances that can compromise the stone's protective finish. When cleaning the tub, you will want to avoid abrasive cleaning pads or ammonia based cleaning chemicals as these materials can be very damaging to the stone.

Keep A Stone Repair Kit Available

A key benefit of stone bathtubs is that they will be extremely durable. While this will make them highly resistant to suffering damage, they can still suffer chips and cracks. In particular, these damages can occur if you accidentally drop something on the bathtub that is extremely hard. When your tub is unfortunate enough to suffer this type of damage, you will want to act quickly to repair it. While it can be easy to assume that it will not pose a major risk to your bathtub, these small damages to the stone can compromise the protection offered by the bathtub's finish. Repairing this damages can be fairly simple as most bath supply stores will have a repairing sealant that can be applied to the damaged area of the tub. After applying this sealant, you will want to wait several hours before using the tub as the sealant will need to dry and bond to the stone.