4 Cabinet Trends To Try For Your Next Remodel

Kitchen cabinets present a big investment in your remodel project. This makes sense—cabinetry sits as the center of your storage. It also presents the largest visual profile in your kitchen, so style plays an important role in choosing the cabinets. As you approach planning for your next kitchen remodel, consider one or more of the following trends for your cabinetry.

Frameless Cabinets

Traditional framed cabinetry features a face frame, meaning carpenters build rails and stiles around the cabinet box. This face framing, seen as spaces between the doors and provides structure. Frameless cabinets feature a box that's structurally sound on its own, so there's no face frame. The doors fully overlay the cabinet box, so there are no spaces in between. According to Home Advisor, benefits of frameless cabinets include sturdier construction, more space, and a modern profile.

Natural Staining

Many homeowners automatically paint their hardwood cabinets, even when they're new. This may fit well into a color scheme, but it does hide the natural graining of the wood. An alternative is to choose hardwood doors with graining that you love and have them stained naturally. Wood staining comes in numerous options for intensity and hues. So, you could choose a light, neutral hue in place of beige or a dark, warm hue in place of chocolate brown. Yet you'll still see the natural beauty of the hardwood's graining.

Open-Front Cabinets

Another option for cabinet doors is to open them up. You certainly could omit them altogether, but you can also replace wooden panels with open varieties. Glass is classic. You can go with traditional clear glass or choose a specialty option such as etched, stained, or leaded glass. Another idea is to replace the wood panel with a different insert, such as metal screens. This still breaks up the profile of the cabinetry but provides some privacy for what you're storing inside.

Specialty Inserts

Speaking of inserts, what gets installed inside the cabinet has a big impact on how your store your appliances, utensils, and dry goods. You have numerous customization options for the interiors of your cabinets. For instance, you could have built-in inserts such as pull out trays, lazy Susans, and garbage bin holders. This even allows you to utilize more space. For example, perhaps you have just a narrow space between the end of a cabinet box and an appliance. You can have a pull-out towel rack, tray divider, or pantry shelving installed.

Choose kitchen cabinetry that both creates a beautiful profile and facilitates your storage needs. To learn more, contact a company like Interior Expressions