Holiday Hosting Prep: Remodeling Tips

As summer comes to a close, this is the best time to start thinking about how you're going to handle the holidays. If you're hosting the holidays at home this year, it's even more important to start planning early. You may even be looking at your home and wondering how you can improve things now to make the holidays even better. The good news is that you have plenty of time before the holiday season hits full swing. Here are a few remodeling ideas that can really transform your home.

The Gathering Areas

Your living room or family room will likely see a whole lot of traffic while you're entertaining for the holidays. You'll want that space to be organized, inviting, and comfortable for everyone. Start with simple steps like repainting the walls. Choose a soft, warm, or neutral colors for the room so that you don't have any harsh color contrasts. Consider eliminating a doorway or obstructive wall if it's always been a nuisance to you.

If you can't knock out that bothersome wall, consider transforming it by creating built-in shelving where you can display holiday decorations or store books. If you can eliminate a shelf that's taking up floorspace this way, it'll allow you to open up the room a bit.

Consider even investing in some new furniture, like wrap-around couches or a couple of coffee tables and loveseats. Creating spaces where everyone can sit and easily socialize is a great way to embrace the spirit of the season.

The Lighting

Lighting can absolutely transform a space and directly affect the ambiance and comfort. Too little light can make a room feel depressing or leave your guests feeling tired. Light that's too harsh can be overwhelming and may cause headaches for those who are sensitive to it.

Talk with a remodeling contractor about how to change the lighting in your home, including considerations like recessed lights, dimmer switch installation, and subtle floorboard lighting around the gathering areas. Put some path lighting along the hallways to illuminate the route to the bathroom, too. That way, guests won't get lost and those staying overnight can find their way until they get familiar with the layout.

The Stairways

If you have a multi-story home, don't dismiss the importance of renovating your stairways before the holidays. If the carpeting on your stairs is worn, threadbare, or otherwise damaged, this is the perfect time to start changing things up. From pulling up the old carpet to installing a runner that complements the decor, it's a great step in the right direction. In fact, you might even find that you have beautiful wood stairs beneath that carpet. If you decide to keep the wood exposed, you might want to talk with a remodeling contractor about replacing your railings with wood railings that match. This will create a cohesive look.

The Kitchen

The space that's likely to get the most attention as you're prepping for your holiday gatherings is the kitchen. You need a kitchen that's functional for prepping the holiday meals, but also comfortable enough for guests to gather and visit. After all, you'll miss out on conversation and bonding time that are important during this time of year.

Consider having a new center island installed in the kitchen where you can put bar stools for guests to come sit and chat while you're cooking. If you can put your cooktop in the island, that'll allow you to face your guests while you're cooking, making it easier to talk and enjoy each other's company.

With ideas like these, you can quickly and easily transform your home to create the perfect environment for holiday entertaining. Talk with your local remodeling contractor, someone from a place like AA Painting, for more ideas.