Why You Should Replace Your Windows

You might have been thinking of replacing your home's windows for some time now and wondered if it was really worth the investment. There are several good reasons that you should replace your windows and perhaps ones you might not have thought of that can definitely make the money spent worthwhile.

Property Damage

You can get property damage from windows that are not filtering the light from the sun properly. Your furniture, curtains, and even carpets can fade in color because of the harsh light that streams inside through windows that are not coated with low emissivity glass coating. Your other property like books and DVD covers can also be damaged by harsh light hitting them all day. When you replace your windows, you can install ones that have this coating and this will prevent any damage.

Lower Energy Bills

When you have inefficient windows, they can let out heat in the winter or cool air in the summer. It also can cause your HVAC system and other appliances to work harder to provide the same level of service. This includes your fridge or freezer because if the temperature is too warm outside the appliance, it can make the fridge work harder to keep things cool inside. When you replace your windows, you can lower your energy bills dramatically.

Raise Your Home's Value

If you are thinking of selling your home, now or in the future, replacing the windows can increase the home's overall value. It not only increases the home's curb appeal, perhaps updating the look to a more modern feel, it also will increase the value of the home by reducing potential buyer's future heating and cooling bills, which makes it more attractive as well.


When you replace your windows, you are also increasing the security of your home. Older windows are more likely to be able to be breached by intruders and newer windows have added security features that can make them even stronger. Also, in the case of a fire, windows should be made to open easily for all members of the family, this includes children. This can prevent anyone from getting trapped inside if the windows fail to open.

Noise Reduction

When you install new windows you can also reduce the outside noise level. If you live in a busy neighborhood or perhaps your children are particularly noisy when playing outside, new windows can help shut out the ambient noise so you can get more peace and quiet.

Contact an installation company like Jerry Newman Roofing & Remodeling, Inc. to learn more about window replacement options.