7 Remodeling Ideas To Make The Most Of Your Small Bathroom

If you have a really small bathroom, you need to be creative to optimize the space. Luckily, there are lots of ways to make the most of your bathroom. If you're planning a bathroom remodel, consider integrating the following ideas.

1. Use the corners.

When you have limited space, you don't want to waste the corners. If there are currently dead corners in your bathroom layout, talk with your remodeling contractor about using that space.

Maybe you could add a corner shower or a storage rack? Maybe you want a door that swings outward (instead of inward) so you have extra room, or maybe you want to replace your existing door with a pocket door so you don't waste that corner. Those are all ideas to consider.

2. Combine a shower and tub.

When it comes to showers and tubs, you don't have to just choose one or the other. Put in a combination. You can hang a shower head over a clawfoot tub, or you can opt for a more traditional style.

Remember, the tub doesn't have to be full sized. You can do a three-quarters length tub to save space. Also, opt for a sliding door rather than a billowing curtain that takes up space.

3. Consider a Japanese soaking tub.

If you have really limited space, you may want to consider a Japanese soaking tub. These come in a range of styles. Rather than stretching out in the bath, you basically sit in a small tub. To create a mental image of a really space saving option, you may want to imagine the "old days" when people bathed in barrels.

4. Put in an open shower.

An open shower is another innovative, space-saving idea that you may want to consider. This can be an effective way to add a shower to a half bath during a remodel. Basically, you hang the shower head on the wall, and you orient it so that it doesn't hit the vanity.

However, you don't clutter up your floor space with the base of the shower. Instead, you put in a sloped tile floor with a floor drain, and viola, the floor of your bathroom doubles as the floor of your shower.

5. Add cubbies to the wall.

Storage can be a nightmare in a small bathroom. If you don't have room for cabinets or closets, you may want to consider cubbies. In particular, take advantage of the bit of space at the top of your walls, right below the ceiling and above windows or doorways. Small, open cubbies or even cabinets with doors can work perfectly in those spaces.

6. Consider heated towel racks.

Hooks and stacked towel racks can be a tempting option when you're trying to save space in your bathroom, but unfortunately, towels don't tend to dry well when they are on hooks or when they are overlapping on towel racks that are oriented on top of each other, rather than next to each other.

To mitigate that issue, talk with your remodeling contractor about putting in heated towel racks. They basically have an internal coil that heats up the towels so that they dry quickly.

7. Put a spray handle on the sink.

If you really only have room for a sink, you may want to make it more versatile by adding a spray nozzle to the sink. That makes it easier to wash your hair in the sink or even bathe young babies or toddlers in the sink. Although it's a small feature, it may be one to consider.

To get more space-saving ideas, talk with a remodeling contractor at a company like Sierra Remodeling & Home Builders Inc directly. They have all kinds of layouts and products that can help with your tiny bathroom.